Cutting through the hype of the world of endurance apparel

The world of technical endurance apparel is full of hyperbole, funny acronyms and the smoke and mirrors of marketing gibberish without actual clarity as to what it all means to the consumer.
Making functional, beautiful AND affordable apparel is not an easy process, but here is how we go about it without all the needless noise:

  • Determine the functional “raison d’être” of the item: what usage scenarios is this garment intended for (training/racing/general use), weather conditions, and other contextual details.
  • Design for function first, then add form: we determine the necessary technical fit and features that the garment should have, then we add our signature subtle yet beautiful design and colours.
  • Source the most appropriate fabrics for the intended use: We are establishing relationships with the best technical fabric mills in Europe, Taiwan and North Africa.
  • Out of the lab, and into the world: We then create samples for “real world” usage testing, refine and create the production template.
    Our philosophy is to focus on what matters to make really good technical and affordable endurance clothing, without all the irrelevant details or marketing overhype.

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