New bike consultation

Buying a new bike these days can be a frustrating endeavour. Notwithstanding stock issues related to the havoc wreaked by the pandemic on global supply chains, there are so many options to choose from and so many variables to account for.

A consultation with us, with no purchase obligation whatsoever, will allow you to see through the marketing hype and narrow down not only the kind of bike you really want but also define the bike that you need. The bike which will actually motivate you to ride more.

How it works: Simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you to schedule your free bike consultation.

Bike shopping can be confusing with all the options and riding "disciplines" out there. We will help you narrow it down.
Tell us a bit about what you think would be your ideal day out riding... Long-distance rides? Gravel grinding? Shredding singletrack?
Is there a bike that you own(ed) that you liked or disliked? Tell us a a bit about that bike, and how you want your next bike to be different or similar.
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