Montu’s approach in the exciting yet confusing world of technical apparel


We’d like to tell you a little more about Montu’s approach to designing technical apparel. Before we do that, we need to place our approach within the broader technical apparel landscape.

What does the global technical apparel market look like?

The global technical clothing and apparel market is both very exciting and very crowded. Innovations in designs and fabrics and increasingly diverse products catering to specific applications and pursuits have come a long way in the last decade. The consumer is spoilt for choice. With such abundance of products, brands and innovations, the downside is that it is often very confusing for the consumer (be that a cyclist, runner or – much like us – someone who enjoys both) to pick gear that really works for what s/he/they need(s). One can set a simple three-point criteria for shopping for technical clothing: features, budget and style.

The technical apparel market also has a high noise to signal ratio. That is, the overcrowding in this market means that companies get into the frenzy of trying very hard to differentiate their product. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is often done by means of a needless hyper-segmentation of products, pigeonholing them into very increasingly narrowed down applications and scenarios of use (for instance in cycling: road, mountain biking, gravel, etc. Then take mountain biking: there is XC, downhill, get the picture).

So, what exactly is Montu’s approach to technical apparel design? We’ll tell you all about that in our next post, so watch this space!

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