Aaron Prasad

I have always been someone who goes all-in on things.  That extends to everything: cooking, hobbies, work, sports, and anything else I endeavor to do in my life.  So when it was suggested by a close friend that I try cycling because of how much fun you can have while keeping in shape, I jumped right in.  I immediately enjoyed the feeling of flying through the wind (and sometimes being held back by it) and struggling up those pesky climbs.  Not much has changed there, since buying my first entry-level second-hand road bike five or six years ago–but my enthusiasm has certainly grown…as has my sense of adventure on the bike.
I have now done a 600km bikepacking trip along the Caribbean coast of Colombia, several century rides through beautiful mountains in Cape Town, South Africa, a single-day 200km ride, and many smaller pursuits in between.  I will also be heading back to Colombia to tackle the famed Alto de Letras in February 2023!
My Montu story is equally all-in…purchasing a demo Kopis gravel bike last year and loving it and their apparel (you gotta try the canopic cargo bibs, they’re real comfy).  I then ordered their all-road bike, the Osiris, to bring with me to Colombia.  So when the opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador with Montu was presented, I had to say yes…what an amazing feeling!  To be able to represent a Canadian bike company with adventure, endurance, and soul at its heart is a dream come true.  The way they have approached our interactions and the way I see them helping other customers is definitely next-level, and it’s a privilege to be a part of that kind of culture.
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